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Coral and Glass Bead Floral Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold. 16"


This necklace is absolutely wonderful. Coral, 14kt yellow gold and glass beads set the stage for the carved floral centerpiece. Lobster clasp, 14kt yellow gold necklace.


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Product Details (for 16-inch)


1/8 inch

Necklace Drop DROP: A dangling or stationary detail which "drops" from a bale, strand or earring backing. Length:

3 1/4 inches

Necklace Drop Width:

5/8 inch


14kt 14KT: Karat (abbreviated kt or K) is a unit that indicates the purity of gold in the metal. 14kt is 58.33% gold. In the United States, 14K yellow gold is most favored and used in jewelry. Yellow Gold YELLOW GOLD: Gold is a precious metal with a natural yellow color. It is quite soft and often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. The purity of the metal is indicated by a unit called a "karat," with 24kt having the highest percentage of natural gold.


Polished POLISHED: A buffed-out finish used to produce a mirror-like shine.


Lobster LOBSTER CLASP: named after the pinching style of the hook, this clasp is often shaped like a lobster's claw. Use your finger to work the lever to open the clasp.

Stone 1:

Coral CORAL: This prized sea stone conjures up images of exotic oceans and faraway places. With shades ranging from soft muted pinks to vibrant bold reds, coral jewelry complements every skin complexion with a warm glow. (Quantity: 1, Shape & Cutting Style: Flower, FLOWER: A shape that is carved or formed to look like a flower. Can be flat or dimensional. Size: 18 mm)

Stone 2:

Coral (Quantity: 26, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Bead, Size: 4 mm)

Stone 3:

Glass GLASS: A delicate, translucent to transparent noncrystalline material made by fusing sand with other materials , such as soda and lime, and then cooling it quickly. Glass is used in anything from windows to drinkware. In jewelry, glass is used for ornamentation, to make doublets, and to simulate gemstones. (Color: Colorless, Quantity: 72, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Bead, Size: 4 mm)

All weights and measures are approximate.

Your purchase includes an elegant Ross-Simons presentation box.
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Coral and Glass Bead Floral Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold. 16"

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