Yearning for a European vacation? You're in luck - Ross-Simons has your passport to Italy! Experience the luxury of Italian jewelry without paying for airfare. Italian artisans take the utmost pride in all they do to ensure their products are as picturesque as the places they're crafted. From beautiful artistry to stunning metalwork, discover the unparalleled excellence of Italian craftsmanship from the comfort of your home.

Explore the Amalfi Coast decked in the finest Italian gold jewelry   from 14kt to 22kt, yellow, white or rose. Take in the sights while donning golden adornments, like riso and San Marco-link bracelets. Revel in the high shine of sterling silver which, like Italian gold, receives the government stamp of approval. Head over to Murano where glass isn't just glass, it's transformed by skilled local artisans into hand-painted wearable works of art. Indulge your love for bold and beautiful jewels with diamonds, gemstones and more. Get a taste of old-world charm with lira jewelry. Wear replicas or authentic lira coins on Byzantine-link chains or as earrings. Need something a little more durable? Our exclusive Andiamo line features gold and sterling silver pieces crafted with resin for added strength, making them more resistant to dents.

Wrap up your trip in an authentic Italian bottega where some of the most exceptional artisanal jewelry is made. There, you'll find cameos - timeless designs made from elaborately carved shells sourced from Italian shores. While cameos give you a piece of the sea, lava stone lets you bring a piece of Mt. Vesuvius home with you. From cultured pearls and vibrant enamel to exquisite motifs and trendsetting statements, Ross-Simons is your premier destination for all things Italian jewelry.