Layering 101 -- From necklacs to earrings -- here's how ot pile on made-for-each other styles. Layering 101 -- From necklacs to earrings -- here's how ot pile on made-for-each other styles.

How to Layer Necklaces

Start with a short chain,
like a choker

Next, try something trendy,
like paper clip links

Lastly, add a pendant
for some dimension

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Layer Your Chains

How to Stack Rings

Pick your metal – or try
mixing them!

Start stacking – one on each
finger or multiple on one

Don't forget to throw in some
gems for color and sparkle

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Mix and Match Your Rings

How to Stack Bracelets

Decide which metal you want
to wear, or mix them

Texturize with different
widths and styles

Add some meaning with
personalized charms

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Stack Up Your Bracelets

How to Layer Earrings

Choose from drops, studs,
hoops & more

Switch it up with
some gemstones

Alternate styles and sizes
to complete the look

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Create a Layered Look

Layering 101

Get on board with one of today's hottest trends! Learn to layer like pro – and we're not talking about sweaters and scarves — we're talking about jewelry.

It's easy to start with necklaces. Choose a metal, such as 14kt gold, 18kt gold or sterling silver. Or, dare to be bold and opt for a multi-toned look – two-tone and tri-color are always in style. Then, think about lengths. The more varied they are, the better! Next, incorporate some texture. Pick different widths, from narrow to bold, and different styles, from Byzantine chains to station necklaces. Finally, mix in some gems for color. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are just a few great choices to choose from. Make sure to keep your chains untangled with our new layering clasp, which holds up to three necklaces. Give some dimension to your look with a pendant necklace and on-trend pieces like paper clip link chains!

The layering trend doesn't just apply to chains and necklaces – try it out with rings, earrings and bracelets, too! Decorate your digits by wearing one ring on each finger or multiple rings on one finger. Amp up your bracelet game by mixing and matching styles, from bangles to bolos. Adorn your ears with our extensive earring selection, from drops, studs, hoops and more. Add an ear cuff for a cool, on-trend look and don’t be afraid to alternate styles and sizes!

Now it's time to create your own stacked style. Complete your look by making it totally your own. Ready. Set. Layer!