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Pearl Jewelry

Welcome to Our Pearl Party
Pearl Stud Earrings

The Ross-Simons Pearl Jewelry Collection

The ultimate gift from the sea, a single natural pearl represents the highest value and the purest beauty. Heaven itself is called "the pearl of great price." Yet here at Ross-Simons, our talented designers ensure that everyone can experience the gleaming glamour of pearl jewelry.

Our collection of pearl jewelry beautifully boasts thousands of selections of cultured pearl perfection. You’ll find the classically elegant pearl necklace... timeless or trendy looks in pearl earrings... over 100 styles of pearl bracelet... and the perfect pearl ring for yourself or someone special.

Our luxurious pearl jewelry is surprisingly affordable, making it a true pleasure to select your favorite pieces. Enjoy browsing the sizes, colors and shapes of different pearls—cultivated in different types of oysters, from different parts of the world. See why the Akoya pearl is the classic, in lustrous white or cream... and how a black Tahitian pearl can look blue, green or purple!

Notice how luminescent freshwater pearls create dramatic contrasts with darker gemstones in many of our pearl necklaces. How pearl jewelry is made even lovelier with diamond accents. And-how hard it is to pick just one from our incredible selection of pearl rings or pearl bracelets.

When it comes to pearl jewelry, Ross-Simons is your oyster!

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