Designer Jewelry Collection

Style, quality
and craftsmanship are the marks of truly inspirational jewelry designs.

jewelers since 1952, is proud to present selections from the world's most influential designers.

the beauty of these fine jewels, and enjoy today's finest... destined to be tomorrow's classics.

Charriol Designer Jewelry

Timeless. Modern. Striking. The ALOR collection at Ross-Simons features pieces of casual simplicity and high fashion elegance.

Mikimoto Designer Jewelry

Classic. Cultured. Chic. Gleaming pearls of rare and treasured beauty grace the luxurious Mikimoto collection at Ross-Simons.

Roberto Coin Designer Jewelry

Sophisticated. Creative. Aesthetic. Ross-Simons proudly presents Roberto Coin, a combination of fantasy and intuition.

Gabriel Jewelry

Engaging. Stackable. Striking. Gabriel & Co. redefines jewelry at Ross-Simons with styles that are both intimate and luminous.

Simon G. Designer Jewelry

Shimmering. Evocative. Celebratory. Ross-Simons is proud to present Simon G.'s collection of captivating designs.

Henri Daussi Designer Jewelry

Premier. Exceptional. Stunning. The shimmering Henri Daussi collection at Ross-Simons is alight with quality diamond rings for special occasions.

Gregg Ruth Designer Jewelry

Dazzling. Lavish. Exquisite. The opulent Gregg Ruth collection at Ross-Simons makes an unforgettable statement.

Fifth Season

Fresh. Uptown. Fascinating. Roberto Coin's groundbreaking Fifth Season jewelry line is now available at Ross-Simons.

Zina Designer Jewelry

Eclectic. Bright. Artisanal. Zina's sterling silver jewelry creations at Ross-Simons shine with elegance and a sense of whimsy.

Andrea Candela Designer Jewelry

Gemstones. Diamonds. Gold & Silver. Rich with Spanish tradition. The dramatic Andrea Candela collection shines at Ross-Simons.

Belle Etoile Designer Jewelry

Expressive. Trendy. Contemporary. Belle Etoile jewelry: styles of Europe for the woman of today, now at Ross-Simons.


Elegant. Romantic. Radiant. Handmade Austrian crystals adorn Swarovski's stunning jewelry collection at Ross-Simons.

Scott Kay

Shop our Exclusive Designer Jewelry Collection from Ross-Simons

Enter the fabulous world of designer jewelry at the exclusive Ross-Simons designer jewelry boutique. Here, you will discover a realm of unparalleled luxury, beauty and opulence that is the world of designer jewelry. Our sparkling selection of designer jewelry from today’s hottest designers features glittering gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires presented in exciting artistic creations to please every aesthetic. The selections in our Ross-Simons designer jewelry boutique range in style from the classic to the moderns, tailored to present the perfect designer jewels for your designer jewelry purchase. Since 1952, Ross-Simons has offered its customers the very best in fine jewelry at affordable prices. Select. Exclusive. Fabulous. The world’s hottest jewelry designers are showcased in the Ross-Simons Designer Jewelry Collection.

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