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25% Off Clearance

Aquamarine Jewelry

Discover Aquamarine:The Sophisticated Blues

the gemstone for March, captures the allure of the sky and the seas. Legends refer to aquamarine as the treasure of Atlantis.
We love it for the sophisticated hue.

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Milky Aquamarine and .10 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver

Clearance Sale: $101.25
Clearance: $135.00
Compare: $350.00 (Save 71%)

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Customer Rated 4.6/5.0

Graduated Aquamarine Bead Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP from: $175.00
Compare from: $450.00 (Save up to 61%)

Square Milky Aquamarine Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP: $285.00
Compare: $750.00 (Save 62%)

Aquamarine Cabochon Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP: $275.00
Compare: $650.00 (Save 58%)

Top Rated Item
Customer Rated 4.2/5.0

Milky Aquamarine Cluster Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP: $125.00
Compare: $295.00 (Save 58%)

We found 240 items for you


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Silver and Gold Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine jewelry has an uncannily mesmerizing effect. It’s easy to understand why ancient sailors believed aquamarines could keep them safe at sea. You just can’t help but stop and stare at the shimmering pale blue or tranquil aqua green color of an aquamarine gemstone. It’s like suddenly finding yourself on the edge of a lake or sea on a gorgeous sunny day.

Let the Ross-Simons aquamarine jewelry designers show you how to capture that feeling for yourself or a loved one, in a stunning aquamarine ringaquamarine earrings… or an aquamarine pendant, necklace, bracelet or pin from our elegant jewelry collection. Just a click and you’ll be transported! Here we present the bounty of our aquamarine treasure-seeking from Brazil, Columbia, Africa, Madagascar and the United States. Only the best quality aquamarines, glittering in exquisite clarity.

Aquamarine is the March birthstone, and the traditional gemstone gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. A gift of aquamarine jewelry is said to symbolize trust, harmony, friendship, happiness, courage, everlasting youth or renewal in a relationship. Consider an aquamarine and diamond ring for a dazzling and romantic anniversary surprise! Or a sparkling white gold aquamarine pendant for someone who loves the sea. (The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin words for water and sea.)

Bask in the dreamy selections of our alluring aquamarine jewelry collection—at some very serene and relaxing prices.

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