Blue Diamond Jewelry

Blue Diamond Ring #482849

Ross-Simons is committed to providing our customers with genuine, top-quality gemstones and we strictly follow the practices of the gemological industry. Like most colored gemstones on the market, those in our collection may be specially treated to enhance their color and beauty.

Natural blue diamonds are so rare that the only place most of us will ever see one is in the Smithsonian Museum, which houses the amazing Hope Diamond, a 45 carat natural blue diamond.

Our blue diamonds, with their vivid hues, are natural diamonds that have been enhanced or treated with irradiation — which causes the color change, and then our blue diamonds are typically heated to hold the color. The color change process in our blue diamonds is permanent.

The treatment intensifies the beauty of a genuine diamond and mimics the vivid colors found in nature. The process is difficult, and even with the best technology, blue diamonds remain rare and are in high demand. More about colored gemstones.

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