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Wishbone Jewelry: A Good Luck Charm

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14kt White Gold Wishbone Pendant Necklace. 18"

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Sold Out #873693 : 14kt Yellow Gold Wishbone Pendant Necklace With CZ Accent. 18"

14kt Yellow Gold Wishbone Pendant Necklace With CZ Accent. 18"

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Wishbone Jewelry Collection

Find your next good luck charm in our collection of wishbone jewelry. The wishbone tradition origin dates back to ancient Rome when people believed that birds were oracles that could predict the future. According to legend, preserving the clavicle bone would give them access to a fowl's mystical powers. Since these bones were scarce, a contest was born to determine who would obtain these powers. Two people would grasp both ends of the clavicle and snap! Whoever had the largest piece would have their wish granted.

Eventually, this ritual made its way into England and later to early America. To this day, Americans practice this tradition during their annual Thanksgiving holiday. It has since been adopted as a symbol of good luck. You'll most commonly find wishbone pendant necklaces in yellow or white gold. Wear a wishbone charm as a reminder to achieve your goals or give one to someone to wish them good fortune. We know you'll find inspiration in our collection of wishbone jewelry.


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