Henri Daussi Jewelry

The design house of Henri Daussi, founded in Antwerp, Belgium over 40 years ago, is a legacy of passion and skill for diamonds passed through generations of family. Ross-Simons is proud to present sparkling selections from one of Europe's most premier diamond cutters and jewelry designers, Henri Daussi.

About Henri Daussi Designer Jewelry

"Creating the finest jewelry has forever been a family tradition." Dedicated to excellence and beauty, the diamond designs of Henri Daussi present each and every piece as a hallmark legacy to remain in a family for generations. Craftsmanship, skill and aesthetics converge in each design to produce an unparalleled, breathtaking diamond creation.

Jewelry Diamond Preset #879450

The Henri Daussi Design Philosophy

Henri Daussi is known as one of Europe's premier diamond cutters and designers of fine jewelry. From rough diamonds to exceptional creations, the jewelry of Henri Daussi shimmers with luxury, skill and quality. Excellence in craftsmanship is the hallmark of an Henri Daussi creation. Only the finest jewelry, only the world's most brilliant diamonds comprise the generations of tradition and the legacy of beauty that is an Henri Daussi piece.

Ross-Simons' Henri Daussi Designer Jewelry Collection — The breathtaking designs of Henri Daussi are now available at Ross-Simons. Enjoy the spectacular assortment of diamonds rings, diamond bands, wedding rings for men and women and engagement rings, all presented with artistry and skill. Generations of tradition are the foundation for each piece of jewelry; each piece a hallmark of tomorrow is its legacy.

Ross-Simons: Authorized Henri Daussi Designer Jewelry Retailer

Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Henri Daussi designer jewelry. Every Henri Daussi jewelry purchase comes with Ross-Simons' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE shipping. Shop to find the perfect piece of Henri Daussi jewelry. To speak with our Henri Daussi jewelry specialists, please call 800-249-2824, from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday or 12:30 to 5pm on weekends.