Breitling Watches

When it comes to precision timepieces, one name stands out — Breitling. Ross-Simons is proud to be an official distributor of Breitling watches. For over 125 years, Breitling has created timepieces with such precision and reliability, the company has become known as the mechanical chronograph specialist. Let Ross-Simons' watch specialists assist you in selecting the perfect Breitling watch for your lifestyle and budget.

Breitling Design Philosophy

Breitling has become one of the greatest Swiss watch brands in history and has remained faithful to the founder's philosophy of engineering precision instruments for professionals and private users. Breitling continues to make advances in the areas of reliability, performance and functionality and remains on the cutting-edge of technology and design.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane Men's 50mm Watch #AVGE03

Ross-Simons is pleased to present an outstanding selection of Breitling watches for you to choose from. Find chronograph and electronic watches that meet the strictest quality standards in the industry. Instruments for Professionals, Breitling watches have been the timepiece of choice with aviation specialists for decades. Discover the precision and reliability of a Breitling watch for yourself at Ross-Simons.

In 1884, Leon Breitling opened a small workshop in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland to create precise measuring instruments for science, sport and industry. Leon's passion was for precision and Breitling soon made a name for itself with its broad range of products. In 1914, Leon's son Gaston took over the company and introduced the first wrist-worn chronograph providing pilots with the first wrist instruments. Breitling continued to be on the forefront of technology with the development of the first independent chronograph pushpiece in 1923 followed by the second chronograph pushpiece in 1932. Breitling became the official supplier to the Royal Air Force and the American Armed Forces and by 1952, Breitling was supplying the major international airlines with cockpit clocks. Breitling watches continue to be a favorite with pilots all around the globe.

Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Breitling watches. Every Breitling watch purchase comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and FREE shipping.

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