The Buyers’ Edit

Our experts weigh in on this season’s jewelry trends – and which styles they’re loving right now!

Buyer's Picks by Shara

I always love our
gorgeous gold pieces,
but my current style
addictions are layering
and mixing metals.

Product 916870

14kt Gold

Gleaming finds that go with everything

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Product 929347

Long Layers

With this look, more is more

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Product 912219

Mixed Metals

Now you don't have to play favorites

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Buyer's Picks by Michael

For me, jewelry is a form
of expression, so my top
trends really capture that
with bold personality.

Product 926417

Celestial Diamonds

Styles that shine to infinity and beyond

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Product 923267

Gemstone Stunners

Bright colors, big sparkle? Yes, please

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Product 931503

Classic Blue

The 2020 Color of the Year is here

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Buyer's Picks by Irina

This season, I’m really into
animal prints, meaningful
symbols — and diamonds,
they’re a must.

Product 835197

Animal Print

Step out in the trend everyone's roaring about

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Product 916015

Dazzling Diamonds

These must-have jewels are always in fashion

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Product 919264

Essential Symbols

Iconic styles with powerful meanings

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Our Buyers' Edit showcases this season's jewelry trends and which styles our experts are loving right now!

Gold Jewelry from Italy

For a look that is undeniably chic, go with luxurious Italian gold. We offer a plethora of classic and on-trend designs from Italy, in 14kt to 22kt yellow, white or rose gold, at prices you can afford.

Long Layers

Layer your necklaces to achieve this stylish look. The more varied the lengths of your necklaces, from choker length to endless pearls, the better. Double up a long chain or stack up to three chains with our new layering clasp. Add in some pendants for dimension and on-trend pieces like paper clip chains!

Mixed Metals

Can't decide which color metal to wear? Dare to be bold and opt for a multi-toned look – two-tone and tri-color are always in style. We have an array of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in yellow, white and rose gold combinations!

Celestial Diamonds

Featuring star, sun and moon jewelry, this heavenly collection shines to infinity and beyond. From classic styles like star pins and shooting star necklaces to crescent moon necklaces and sun bracelets, you'll find something you love. Choose a diamond style and sparkle like the night sky!

Gemstone Jewelry

Enhance your wardrobe with a pop of color from our gemstone jewelry collection. We have everything from classic sapphire necklaces, emerald bracelets and ruby earrings to unique statement makers like amethyst rings, citrine bracelets and turquoise jewelry!

Classic Blue Jewelry

Classic Blue is the Pantone 2020 Color of the Year. Flaunt the timeless hue with lapis, sapphire, aquamarine and blue topaz jewelry in everything from rings to drop earrings.

Animal Print Jewelry

Show off your wild side with a trend that's always in style. With animal prints like leopard and zebra, we have hundreds of nature-inspired jewelry styles to choose from, from hoop earrings to bangle bracelets!

Dazzling Diamonds

We offer thousands of diamond styles available in a variety of "the 4 Cs:" clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Choose from elegant diamond earrings, delicate diamond bracelets, unique diamond necklaces and so many more options. Or, delight the one you love with a sparkling engagement, wedding or anniversary diamond ring!

Essential Symbols

Symbolic jewelry is used to express faith or to welcome protection and good fortune. Express yourself with icons like the Evil Eye, Chinese good luck charms and infinity symbols to meaningful designs like crosses and angel wings, just to name a few options from our collection.