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3.30 ct. t.w. Ruby and 1.40 ct. t.w. Diamond Earrings in 18kt White Gold


Price: $1,395.00



If you adore the robust aura of classic ruby, or are the lucky recipient of a July birthstone, this opulent pair will shoot to the top of your wishlist. Lush 1.40 ct. t.w. diamond halos encircle 3.30 ct. t.w. oval rubies. Set in polished 18kt white gold. Hanging length is 3/8". Post/clutch, diamond and ruby earrings.

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1/2 inch


1/2 inch


18kt White Gold





Hanging Length:

3/8 inch

Gemstone 1:

Ruby (Color: Red, Quantity: 2, Shape & Cutting Style: Oval, Weight: 3.30 ct. t.w., Size: 8X6 mm)

Gemstone 2:

Diamond (Quantity: 56, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Brilliant, Color Grade: H-I, Clarity: I2-I3, Weight: 1.40 ct. t.w.)

18KT: Karat (abbreviated kt or K) is a unit that indicates the purity of gold in the metal. 18kt is 75% gold. In Europe, 18K yellow gold is most favored and used in jewelry.

White GoldWHITE GOLD: Gold is a precious metal which is naturally quite soft. To give it a white color and increase its strength, gold is alloyed with white metals, such as silver and/or palladium, and often plated with rhodium. The purity of the metal is indicated by a unit called a "karat," with 24kt having the highest percentage of natural gold.

POLISHED: A buffed-out finish used to produce a mirror-like shine.

Post/ClutchPOST/CLUTCH: An earring with a post insert and a slide-on clutch backing to hold it in place.

RubyRUBY: A bold fiery stone, the ruby is a symbol of wealth, vitality and love. When cut and polished, the ruby's high luster is as dazzling as a diamond's. Ruby jewelry makes the perfect gift for loved ones and is the birthstone for July.

OvalOVAL: An elliptical shape that resembles an egg.

DiamondDiamond: The hardest and most brilliant of all gemstones, a diamond can make the heart race with its pure and fiery spark. An ancient symbol of love, a diamond is the preferred gemstone for tokens of affection, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Diamond is the birthstone for April.

BrilliantBRILLIANT: A gemstone cut to enhance brilliance without sacrificing much carat weight. Typically has 58 facets.

Color Grade H-I: Near-colorless

All weights and measures are approximate.

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Your purchase includes an elegant Ross-Simons presentation box.

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