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Italian Multi-Stone "X" Stretch Bracelet


It's like candy for adults. This bracelet strings together round and X-shaped beads of aventurine, tiger's eye, rose quartz, rock crystal, carnelian, and multicolored agate. Made in Italy. Braceleted stretches to fit most wrists.

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3/4 inch

Stone 1:

Agate AGATE: a variety of chalcedony, agate covers a rainbow spectrum of colors from black and gray to brown, pink, blue and yellow. Agate can be textured and exhibit a variegated layered stripe effect, which makes it a wonderful stone for carved cameos and beaded necklaces and bracelets. (Color: Multicolored, Quantity: 7, Shape & Cutting Style: Bead, Size: 6&20X15 mm)

Stone 2:

Carnelian CARNELIAN: A brownish-red mineral, carnelian has been used for centuries to make engraved gems and signet rings, intaglios and especially seal rings, because hot wax does not adhere to it. Its name comes from the Latin word for cherry, since the lush red color of the carnelian so resembles the vivid red fruit. (Color: Orange, Quantity: 5, Shape & Cutting Style: Bead, Size: 6&20X15 mm)

Stone 3:

Rock Crystal CRYSTAL: Though traditionally the term "crystal" was given to glass with a 24% lead content, today it is used in a more general sense to describe transparent and highly refractive glass formed with silica, oxide, or other additives. Crystal is used in serveware, barware, home accents, and jewelry. ROCK CRYSTAL: A sparkling, clear gemstone, rock crystal has been valued for thousands of years for its beautiful shine and versatility. For jewelry designs, rock crystal can be cut to offer the same icy appeal of a diamond, at a fraction of the cost. Quartz QUARTZ: From the icy shimmer of rock crystal quartz to the delicate pink of rose quartz to the moody hues of smoky quartz, this gemstone offers something for everyone. Quartz, found in endless colors and varieties, is a popular choice for bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. (Color: Colorless, Quantity: 3, Shape & Cutting Style: Bead, Size: 6&20X15 mm)

Stone 4:

Quartz (Color: Rose, Quantity: 3, Shape & Cutting Style: Bead, Size: 6&20X15 mm)

Stone 5:

Tigereye TIGER'S EYE: Golden bands ripple across the surface of tiger's eye creating a magical dance of light. Thought to be a calming stone, tiger's eye adds a warm, mesmerizing glow to rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. (Color: Brown, Quantity: 3, Shape & Cutting Style: Bead, Size: 6&20X15 mm)

Stone 6:

Aventurine AVENTURINE: This unique gemstone can contain small inclusions of shiny minerals that give off a glistening, light-reflecting shimmer. Aventurine, sometimes mistaken for green jade, is often presented as cabochons or beads in fine jewelry designs. (Color: Green, Quantity: 6, Shape & Cutting Style: Bead, Size: 6&20X15 mm)

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Italian Multi-Stone "X" Stretch Bracelet

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