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25% Off Sitewide

14kt Yellow Gold Pendants: Bright Outlook

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Today's Super Deal

14kt Yellow Gold Fancy Script Monogram Pendant

Super Deal: $250.00
Compare: $595.00 (Save 58%)


Red Coral Bead Necklace in Two-Tone

Clearance from: $135.00
Compare from: $350.00 (Save up to 61%)

14kt Yellow Gold Wavy Disc Pendant Necklace

Sale from: $206.25
$275.00 (Save 25%)

14kt Yellow Gold Script Monogram Pendant Necklace

Sale from: $356.25
$475.00 (Save 25%)

14kt Yellow Gold Ribbed Ribbon Slide Pendant

RSVP: $450.00
Compare: $1,095.00 (Save 59%)

14kt Yellow Gold Cross Pendant Necklace. 18"

Sale: $168.75
$225.00 (Save 25%)

14kt Yellow Gold Cross Necklace. 18"

Sale: $262.50
$350.00 (Save 25%)

We found 219 items for you


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Pendants in 14kt Yellow Gold

Spice up your ensemble by updating that plain chain with a bright 14kt yellow gold pendant! With hundreds of shining pendants in 14kt yellow gold to choose from, you can spend hours browsing our collection. From classic 14kt yellow gold heart pendants and lockets to trendy gemstone pendants in 14kt yellow gold, we really do have something for every jewelry lover.

And we haven’t even told you about the best part: our remarkably low prices! We’ve been in the business since 1952, so we know how to treat our customers right. Every 14kt yellow gold pendant purchase comes backed by our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re available 24/7 if you want to give us a call with any questions, and we’ve implemented the most secure checkout system possible. Shopping for a pendant in 14kt yellow gold is quite the thrill here at

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