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The Ross-Simons Sapphire Necklace Collection

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Graduated Sapphire Bead Necklace With 14kt Yellow Gold

Super Deal from: $395.00
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Set of Simulated Sapphire and CZ Pendant Necklace and Earrings in Sterling Silver. 18"

Clearance Sale: $18.75
Clearance: $25.00
Compare: $95.00 (Save 80%)

Sapphire Bead Station Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP from: $295.00
Compare from: $695.00 (Save up to 58%)

We found 126 items for you


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Silver & Gold Sapphire Necklaces

Nothing makes a more fiercely feminine fashion statement than a distinctive decolletage... lit up by a sapphire necklace! Whether your neckline is daring or demure, a gleaming sapphire necklace makes it memorable. Here in the Ross-Simons collection of fine sapphire necklaces, you’ll find almost a hundred ways to make your own unique sapphire statement.

A blue sapphire necklace or a sapphire pendant can enhance the color of your eyes, while a pink sapphire necklace can evoke a serene sky at sunset. Either way, the dreamy beauty of a sapphire dials up your glamour settings.

Speaking of settings, our sapphire jewelry designers have cornered the market on all the stunning ways to set our expertly cut sapphire stones into every type of precious metal. And the styles! See a silver necklace transformed by a sparkling sapphire pendant. Be charmed by a heart necklace with a chain of cultured pearls and a heart of rough-cut sapphire.

You’re sure to find the perfect sapphire necklace to satisfy your sensibilities, from a simple sapphire necklace of multi-colored sapphire beads, to a romantic and artful gold sapphire pendant enhanced by diamonds.

With the Ross-Simons collection of sapphire necklaces, you simply won’t believe how easily you can sparkle up any day or evening. In the big blue world of sapphire jewelry, a sapphire necklace is perhaps the most exciting showpiece. But come back often for our latest creations! We’ll be here with more spectacular sapphire selections.

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