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Ruby Necklaces

Feature Banner | 50.00 ct. t.w. Ruby Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold
Product Image | 50.00 ct. t.w. Ruby Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold

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50.00 ct. t.w. Ruby Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold

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Ruby Bead Necklace With 14kt Yellow Gold

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Gold & Silver Ruby Necklaces

When you need to look instantly radiant, slip on a ruby necklace! You'll sense the majesty of this "king of gems," as your royal visage reflects the rare beauty of precious rubies. But relax-your ruby budget is safely guarded by the brilliant Ross-Simons gemstone buyers.

Step out in a Ross-Simons ruby necklace or ruby pendant and enjoy the compliments! Our world-renowned ruby jewelry designers proudly offer you the bounty of their ruby inspirations. Realize your dreams in a truly regal ruby pendant, lavished in gold and diamonds... or a simply elegant sterling silver chain stationed with oval rubies and dotted with diamond accents.

You'll find dozens of ruby necklaces from which to select the perfect gift of fine ruby jewelry. Shop the Ross-Simons ruby necklace collection for a July birthstone present... for Valentine's Day... or for the traditional ruby anniversary gift on your 15th or 40th wedding anniversary.

Browse our ravishing ruby necklaces by style, or by precious metal. Consider ruby beads, strung with pearls or other precious gemstone beads. Find playful ruby pendants with flower motifs or ruby hearts. See how many ways a ruby can drop into a neckline! Add excitement and passion to increase the fashion-by adding a ruby necklace.

Click to the many facets and shades of red that genuine rubies bring to light. In the Ross-Simons ruby necklace collection, creativity peaks in a blaze of rubies!

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