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Tanzanite Jewelry

Product Image | 1.50 ct. t.w. Tanzanite Station Necklace in Sterling Silver

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1.50 ct. t.w. Tanzanite Station Necklace in Sterling Silver

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1.50 Tanzanite Ring in Sterling Silver

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15.00 ct. t.w. Tanzanite and .25 ct. t.w. Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14kt White Gold

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Silver & Gold Tanzanite Jewelry

If you're captivated by the violet-blue brilliance of tanzanite, you're in good company. The famous "Heart of the Ocean" necklace worn by Kate Winslet's character (Rose) in the movie Titanic has been rumored to be tanzanite rather than blue diamond or sapphire. The startling beauty of tanzanite jewelry does cause a stir, and now is a great time to select some striking tanzanite jewelry from the Ross-Simons collection!

Discovered in 1967 at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, tanzanite was named for its country of origin and has not been found elsewhere. It's no secret that tanzanite supplies are dwindling and demand continues to grow for this stunning gemstone, which quickly took the world by storm. Step out in your Ross-Simons tanzanite jewelry, and you’ll do the same.

Our gemstone experts bring you only the best quality and value in tanzanite jewelry, and this much-adored "gemstone of the 20th century" should only increase in value. For anyone born in December, tanzanite jewelry makes a wonderful gift, as tanzanite recently became an official alternative December birthstone. Browse our sparkling blue pool of tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings, tanzanite and diamond pendants, and elegant tanzanite bracelets for yourself or that lucky December baby.

As you'll see from our seriously glamorous tanzanite jewelry creations, the royal appearance of the deep yet sparkling transparent tanzanite is wonderfully enhanced by white gold settings. Add diamonds to white or yellow gold tanzanite jewelry and you've got blue heaven!

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