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Onyx Jewelry

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Three-Strand Black Onyx Bead Necklace With 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP from: $135.00
Compare from: $350.00 (Save up to 61%)

Art Deco-Style Black Onyx Pendant in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP: $195.00
Compare: $450.00 (Save 57%)

Black Onyx Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sale from: $52.50
$75.00 (Save 30%)

Top Rated Item
Customer Rated 4.8/5.0

14kt Yellow Gold Black Onyx Earrings

Sale: $157.50
$225.00 (Save 30%)

Top Rated Item
Customer Rated 4.6/5.0

8-8.5mm Endless Black Onyx Necklace. 64"

Sale: $73.50
$105.00 (Save 30%)

Just Added

Italian Onyx Bar Necklace in Two-Tone

Sale from: $626.50
$895.00 (Save 30%)

We found 160 items for you


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Silver and Gold Onyx Jewelry

A favorite adornment of the ancient Greeks and Romans, striking onyx jewelry features a smooth glossy chalcedony quartz with a mythology befitting its dramatic beauty. “Onyx” comes from the Greek “onux,” meaning fingernail: Legend says Cupid cut Venus’s fingernails while she slept—and the gods turned them into onyx as they fell.

Onyx was thought to bring courage, eloquence, protection against negativity, and harmony in relationships. Imagine what a gift of onyx jewelry could do for your relationship! Browse or shop the Ross-Simons collection of onyx jewelry for the magical beauty of onyx - and in more colors than black -  at heavenly prices…

The value of onyx jewelry is found in the beauty and quality of its design, the workmanship and wonderful settings – all hallmarks of Ross-Simons. So you’re in the right place! Looking for elegant, chic, artsy or sophisticated onyx jewelry? We have it all, from the onyx capitols of the world—India, South America, China, Madagascar, Mexico and the United States.

Select an onyx ring for a woman or a man! (Silver onyx rings for men make a strong statement of style.) Give a glamorous pair of gold onyx earrings with diamond accents—to take her breath away on your seventh (that’s onyx) anniversary! Add an onyx necklace or onyx bracelet to set off the warm or cool colors in any outfit.

Onyx jewelry flatters everyone… and complements every color!

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