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Amethyst Jewelry

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9.00 ct. t.w. Square Amethyst Earrings in Sterling Silver

RSVP: $95.00
Compare: $245.00 (Save 61%)

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1.20 ct. t.w. Amethyst Eternity Band in 14kt White Gold

Special Buy: $165.00
Compare: $495.00 (Save 67%)

4.50 Carat Green Amethyst Twist Rope Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

Super Deal: $175.00
Compare: $450.00 (Save 61%)

5.00 Carat Amethyst Byzantine Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

RSVP: $395.00
Compare: $995.00 (Save 60%)

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5.40 Carat Amethyst Ring in 14kt Gold Over Sterling

RSVP: $125.00
Compare: $295.00 (Save 58%)

We found 781 items for you


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Silver & Gold Amethyst Jewelry Collection

Deep violet yet naturally luminous, amethyst is a striking paradox of a gem. Once rare and reserved for royalty, amethyst jewelry today is worn and enjoyed by everyone. It's the world's most popular gemstone! And thanks to modern discoveries of large natural amethyst deposits all around the world (especially Brazil), amethyst jewelry has become more affordable-yet its appeal continues to rise. See why, in our stunning collection of amethyst jewelry.

Ross-Simons' jewelry artists travel the globe to see the many sources and characters of amethyst, bringing you the best of the beautiful. A dark violet amethyst gemstone with extreme clarity originates from the Ural Mountains of Russia. A lilac shade of amethyst comes from a "geode" in Brazil. The surprising green amethyst is created by heating this most precious member of the quartz family of gemstones.

But like all our amethyst jewelry creations, the striking amethyst ring, bracelet, necklace or unique amethyst earrings you can't live without-can only come from inspiration.

Will you be inspired by a pale "Rose de France" amethyst cocktail ring, in a 14K yellow gold setting... or a deep violet, 4-carat amethyst solitaire pendant? Whether you're seeking a February birthstone gift or celebrating the amethyst wedding anniversary (the 6th), you'll find an entrancing selection of amethyst jewelry here at Ross-Simons.

Browse the Ross-Simons collection of amethyst jewelry now, and see the infinite possibilities of purple!

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