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25% Off Clearance

Chalcedony Jewelry: Cool Blue For You

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Green Chalcedony Ring in Sterling Silver

Sale: $93.75
$125.00 (Save 25%)

Labradorite and Gray Chalcedony Drop Earrings

RSVP: $165.00
Compare: $310.00 (Save 47%)

Green Chalcedony and .20 ct. t.w. CZ Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

Clearance Sale: $15.00
Clearance: $20.00
Compare: $75.00 (Save 80%)

10mm Green Chalcedony Bracelet in 18kt Gold Over Sterling

Clearance Sale from: $101.25
Clearance: $135.00
Compare from: $350.00 (Save up to 71%)

Pear-Shaped Blue Chalcedony Hoop Drop Earrings in Two-Tone

Clearance Sale: $56.25
Clearance: $75.00
Compare: $300.00 (Save 81%)

We found 51 items for you


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Chalcedony Gemstone Jewelry

When life gets hectic, you'll really appreciate the tranquil presence of chalcedony jewelry from Ross-Simons. You won't find these light, airy blues and swirling grays in any other gemstone. Trust us, when you first put on that new, shining chalcedony necklace, bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings, it will immediately lift your spirits.

Convinced? Then go ahead and find the chalcedony jewelry that speaks to you. Our collection includes chalcedony gems set in designs classic and contemporary—all at magical prices. When you debut that new piece of chalcedony gemstone jewelry, you can simply smile and tell your friends that you got it at Ross-Simons.

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