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Agate Jewelry

Product Image | Blue Agate Bead and Starfish Drop Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Blue Agate Bead and Starfish Drop Necklace in Sterling Silver

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White Agate Ring in Sterling Silver

RSVP: $85.00
Compare: $195.00 (Save 56%)

Black Agate Free-Form Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling

Super Deal: $125.00
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Italian Lira Coin and White Agate Ring

RSVP: $235.00
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Green Agate Ring With Diamond Accents in Sterling Silver

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Italian White Agate Greek Key Ring in 24kt Over Sterling

RSVP: $50.00
Compare: $135.00 (Save 63%)

White Agate Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

RSVP: $100.00
Compare: $235.00 (Save 57%)

Multi-Stone and Black Agate Earrings in Sterling Silver

RSVP: $195.00
Compare: $495.00 (Save 61%)

Orange Agate and .18 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in 14kt Rose Gold

RSVP: $795.00
Compare: $1,895.00 (Save 58%)

Black Agate and .45 ct. t.w. Diamond Earrings in 14kt White Gold

RSVP: $1,195.00
Compare: $2,985.00 (Save 60%)

We found 141 items for you


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Silver & Gold Agate Jewelry

Welcome to the wonderland of agate jewelry! Agate is an exceptionally intriguing gemstone because no two agate gemstones are alike. Found all over the world in a rainbow of colors—including solids, stripes, swirls, speckles, and plumes—agate is as varied as nature itself!

Greek legend says agate was found in the Achates River in Sicily (now called the Drillo River), but agate has also been discovered with Stone Age remains. In our extensive collection of agate jewelry here today you can select from over 150 unique agate treasures. Blue lace agategreen agate… purple agate… agate beads with bright or subtle bands of color! The variety in our agate jewelry reflects the world of timeless beauty that inspires our agate jewelry designers.

A variety of chalcedony, agate is found hidden inside the rough exterior of volcanic rock, where it is created by mineral deposits in cavities formed by hot gas bubbles. Polishing brings out its glossy translucent luster, and concentric bands of surprising color resemble the rings of a tree trunk. No wonder ancient cultures believed agate jewelry had magical powers of protection! Even today, one can imagine wearing an agate necklace, agate ring, agate pendant or agate bracelet as a good luck talisman.

For someone who is earthy, artistic, spiritual, playful, or coming up on a twelfth or fourteenth wedding anniversary (agate is an alternative gift for either year)—select a gift of agate jewelry today!

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