Citrine Gemstones: The Stone of the Sun

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What is Citrine?

Citrine is a transparent yellow gemstone from the quartz family. It is used for jewelry, ornamentation, and metaphysical practices. Citrine is also one of the most popular November birthstones.

Since the dawn of time, the bright yellow rays of the sun have inspired and motivated mankind. These energizing beams seem to be captured in the glorious gemstone citrine which has been called the "sun stone." The Romans hailed citrine as the stone of Mercury, the messenger god, and used it for carving intaglios.

Citrine Meaning

The literal citrine stone meaning is "yellow-colored", coming from the French word "citron" meaning "lemon." In a symbolic sense, the citrine crystal stands for cheerfulness, protection, and wealth.

Through its golden color, citrine also became associated with gold and wealth, being known as the "merchant's stone". As the story goes, if you put a citrine in your cash register or keep it close during you financial endeavors, your dollars will quickly multiply. But money isn't the only thing that the yellow gem attracts. Wear a piece of citrine jewelry and, according to legend, love will find you.

Citrine Properties

A variety of quartz, citrine is a transparent to translucent gemstone often confused with topaz. It has a trigonal crystal structure and rates a 7 on the Moh's scale. Some citrine stones may have started out as amethyst, but were gradually changed by intense heat over time.

What color is citrine? It is traditionally a sunny shade of yellow with notes of orange, brown, or red. Depending on how the gemstone was formed and how much heat and iron it was exposed to, citrine can vary from a pale yellow to a deep amber.

Citrine: A member of the quartz family, citrine symbolizes cheerfulness and prosperity. Its name is derived from the French word citron meaning lemon. This sunny stone comes in colors from lemon yellow to amber brown, with its coloring agent attributed to iron. Citrine is the birthstone for November. More about colored gemstones.

Citrine Healing Properties

The metaphysical properties of citrine stem from the belief that the yellow gemstone contains the actual power of the sun. Legend holds that it can aid in digestion and increase energy, stamina, and focus. The ancients used the citrine crystals to protect themselves from physical and spiritual harm. Some say it has the ability to transform bad thoughts into good ones, attract love, and ease family disputes.

Where is Citrine Found?

Citrine is quite plentiful in several parts of the world. You can find it in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, Russia, Bolivia, and parts of the USA (California, Colorado, Georgia, and Nevada).

Citrine Jewelry Care & Handling

Although citrine is a relatively hard gem (7 on the Mohs scale) with a coloration of light yellow to golden brown, it scratches easily. Great care must be taken when carving citrine for intricate etchings. Care should also be taken to keep your citrine jewelry out of direct sunlight when you store them as they can fade. Clean with a soft cloth. Wrap citrine necklaces, rings and jewelry in a soft cloth or keep them safely in your Ross-Simons presentation box.

Ross-Simons' Citrine Jewelry Collection

Ross-Simons' jewelry team seeks citrines paired with stones that complement the jewelry design. For example, many of the rings and bracelets in our jewelry collection have diamond accents or pearls to enhance the luster and sparkle of the citrine jewelry. A beautiful complement to sterling silver and white gold, as well as a regal presence in the midst of yellow gold and citrine, the most vivid citrines are mounted in rings and placed in pendants while others are made into necklaces or ornamentations.

Here at Ross-Simons, our jewelry buyers are dedicated to finding fresh designs for bracelets and earrings. Also note that our collection of citrine cocktail rings is world-famous and sure to please the most discriminating collector. Want to experience the sunny effects of citrine for yourself? Browse our citrine jewelry and add brightness to your life!

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