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Swarovski Pendant Necklace #478891

All over the globe, the name Swarovski instantly brings to mind luxurious crystal. So it is fitting that Ross-Simons, a provider of life's finest luxuries, would offer a superb selection of Swarovski crystal. For over 100 years, Swarovski has brought shimmer and light to the world of fashion and home decor, and Ross-Simons is proud to share an outstanding selection of Swarovski crystal figurines with you. Browse our entire collection and get ready to be enlightened.

Swarovski Design Philosophy

Today, Swarovski carries on Daniel Swarovski's founding vision: "To shed the ultimate crystal light to the heart and soul of the world." In the famed Swarovski design studios in Paris, Hong Kong, London and Milano, designers constantly seek new and inspiring ways to showcase crystal. Be it with a play of colors, special cuts or unique forms, Swarovski reveals the glamorous side of crystal, bringing glorious rays of light to people's lives every day.

Ross-Simons' Swarovski Collection — Swarovski crystal adds shimmer and light in surprising and beautiful ways. Whether for yourself, or to give as a gift, Swarovski creations are always prized and treasured. View our entire Swarovski Collection, including Jewelry, Wedding Gifts, Swarovski Animal Figurines and Floral Figures. Each Swarovski design is an exquisite, artistic expression of luxury, and is available right now at Ross-Simons.

Swarovski Jewelry Collection

Swarovski Collectibles Collection

About Swarovski

In 1862, Daniel Swarovski I was born to a glass cutter in North Bohemia, today's Czech Republic. As a young man, he became an apprentice at his father's glass factory. Having gained invaluable knowledge, in 1892 Daniel patented a machine that revolutionized the art of crystal cutting. A few years later he founded the company, Swarovski, and opened a factory in Wattens, Austria. With a history for developing creative ways to showcase crystal, Swarovski has long been associated with fashion. In 1956, Swarovski created the stunning Aurora Borealis crystal effect in cooperation with designer Christian Dior. By coating a crystal with a special metallic finish, the crystal's sparkle and brilliance is beautifully enhanced. In 1976, Swarovski introduced the first crystal figurine, the Silver Crystal Mouse, sparking a new consumer passion for collecting crystal. A Replica Mouse is still available today. In 1993, Swarovski excited the fashion world with its innovative Crystal Mesh fabric that quickly became a favorite of design houses Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Whether it's a crystal pendant necklace or a crystal animal figurine, Swarovski designs continue to inspire and enchant.

Ross-Simons: Authorized Swarovski Retailer

Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Swarovski crystal figurines and Swarovski crystal jewelry. Every Swarovski purchase comes with Ross-Simons' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE shipping. Shop today to discover the brilliant world of Swarovski.

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