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A family tradition, the story of Gabriel & Co. is one of love, service and lineage. In 1989, two brothers named Jack and Dominick Gabriel followed in the footsteps of their father Elias Gabriel, a master jeweler. The result is a stunning and varied assortment of beautiful jewelry in the Gabriel & Co. jewelry collection. Comprised of five unique dimensions relating to different aspect of life, each division focuses on a specific theme.

Ross-Simons is proud to present stunning selections from the Gabriel "Engaged" collection, where the theme is romance. We invite you to enjoy this stunning celebration of love, marriage and hope for tomorrow in a glorious selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and engagement ring settings.

About Gabriel Jewelry

Passionate, dazzling and sensational, the rings in the Gabriel collection convey an attitude of spirit and artistry, redefined. Timeless pieces, which encompass classic as well as fashion-forward design, shimmer in the Gabriel line. Impeccable artistry has been ultimately merged with long-standing skill and technology in each Gabriel ring design. The result? A gorgeous masterpiece that is as unique and as treasured as the love that you both share.

Ross-Simons' Gabriel Designer Jewelry Collection — A gorgeous selection of sparkling diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and engagement ring settings from Gabriel are now available at Ross-Simons. Explore stylized creations from the contemporary to the classic, from the heirloom-styled to the trendy - all unique and crafted with care, innovation, skill and the unparalleled loving touch of the Gabriel name.

The Gabriel Design Philosophy

When Jack and Dominick Gabriel embarked on their 1989 effort to infuse the jewelry industry with more of a personal connection, the story of Gabriel today began to unfold. The brothers sensed what people found important in choosing their jewelry: that a piece of jewelry could be a symbolic celebration of life's milestones — the wonderful occasions, relationships and accomplishments that add a rich and meaningful dimension to our lives. This is the beauty and the power of love, as it is reflected in the unique designs offered by Gabriel jewelry today.

Ross-Simons: Authorized Gabriel & Co. Designer Jewelry Retailer

Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Gabriel jewelry. Every Gabriel purchase comes with Ross-Simons' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE shipping. Browse Ross-Simons' Gabriel selection online or speak with a Ross-Simons Gabriel specialist at 1-800-835-0919.

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