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Expert Jewelry Advice : Mix and Match

With so many bangles to mix and match, I need some do's and don't.

Just do your own thing and don't rule out anything. Mix a luxe bangle with something laid-back - now keep going. More than one is much more fun. And because it works with everything, add black to your stack. Leather cords and bracelets in ruthenium or rhodium are cool and affordable right now.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Diamonds

Diamonds never let me down, but what can I do to reinvent my dressed-up look?

Start with red- the Red Carpet. The most-photographed jewels in Hollywood are always the boldest and brightest, so let your diamonds get carried away with color. Gems as electric as London blue topaz or fiery ruby don't need to be big to be bold, but others - like honey-gold citrine - look amazing in large doses.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Cubic Zirconias

I've noticed that CZs seem to be really hot right now. I must admit - they're just so believable - and so affordable. What should I look for in choosing a CZ?

We take our CZs seriously, selecting only the clearest, brightest stones and giving them the same attention we give our diamonds. Presented in classic settings of fine 14kt gold, CZs have reached a whole new level of luxury.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Earrings

I'm looking for earrings that will stand out but aren't too large or overbearing. Any ideas?

Look for a pair with long, lean lines. Linear earrings strike a nice balance between showy and refined, and they're right day or night. Try color or keep it simple - the choice is yours.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Jewelry Trend

My style in 100% classic. What's a fun jewelry trend for traditionalists?

Stacks are the runaway hit of the season. Some people take an eclectic approach, piling on lots of bracelets in very different styles. But you can keep the look clean and tailored as we have here by wearing one design in multiples, varying only the color.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Classis Pearls

Classic pearl studs are forever, but how about something more daring?

We dare you to even try to resist all the new drop styles out there. Dangling pearl earrings catch the light as they move, drawing attention to their rich, natural luster. And these five have a nice spirit of adventure without straying from that classic comfort zone.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Winter Wedding

What should I wear to a winter wedding?

Accessorize a simply stated, yet stunning evening dress with a pretty wrap over your shoulders, large, sparkling drop earrings or chandelier earrings and stack of bangles.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Evening Accessories

What evening accessories should I have in my wardrobe?

Colorful scarves, wraps, and clutches but don't forget lots of necklaces to layer and bangles to stack.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Year-round Essentials

Which essentials should be kept in my closet year-round?

White button-down shirt, basic t-shirt, pencil skirt, black pants, tailored jeans and chic cardigan. These versatile must-haves can always be dressed up or down. Diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelet and necklace are great accessories to wear year-round.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Surprise Your Wife

How should I surprise my wife?

First, it is essential to listen to her because many times women drop hints as to what they want. Try to get a feel for what she likes. If she shies away from big, bold, statement making pieces then you should look into classic and effortless items for her, such as a pearl necklace. Also, keep her personality in mind. For someone who is fun and confident, consider colorful jewelry like a cocktail ring. If she is a hopeless romantic then she might love a heart shaped pendant.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Dressing Up With Jeans

How can I dress up jeans for an evening occasion?

Why not pile on the pearls? Double an extra-long 48" necklace and layer it with a 36" strand. Finish your look with pretty, champagne drops and a Baroque pearl ring for added panache.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Update the Traditional White Blouse

Do you carry lavalier vintage-style necklaces?

We do currently have a few lavalier necklaces. The lavalier necklace style is more common in the Edwardian and Victorian eras. You may want to periodically check these eras to see if we have more styles. We always have new estate jewelry coming in.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Update the Traditional White Blouse

How can I update the traditional white blouse?

We love the classic white blouse. It is a basic wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you accessorize it. Pair it with classic pearls for an understated, yet stylish look or add a mix of bold beads, super-sized drop earrings and an attention-grabbing cocktail ring.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Choosing Bridesmaids Jewelry

What jewelry should my bridesmaids wear?

It really depends on the style of the bridesmaid dress. For a halter-style dress, a necklace is not needed but definitely go with dazzling chandelier earrings and a sparkling cuff bracelet. For a spaghetti strap dress, a delicate charm or heart pendant necklace and simply stated drop earrings work well. As for a strapless bridesmaid dress, we suggest either statement making earrings and bracelet (no necklace) or a bold necklace paired with beautiful, understated earrings. We believe less is more!

Expert Jewelry Advice : Making a Cocktail Ring

I inherited my mother's 2.5 carat emerald cut diamond that I want to make into a cocktail ring. I also have eight 10 pt round diamonds I would like to use. I want something unusual not something that looks like an engagement ring. Any suggestions?

We suggest adding a few stones and surround the whole diamond with rounds. For a true cocktail ring, mix the rounds with baguettes surrounding the ring.

Expert Jewelry Advice : How to Wear Blush Color Jewelry Trend

How can I wear this season's blush color trend?

Who knew neutrals could be oh, so pretty? Pair a dreamy blush ring, necklace or earrings with khakis and a button-down, jeans and a t-shirt or flirty dress.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Wearing Watches and Bracelets

How do you wear a watch with or without bracelets?

It is a personal preference regarding wearing a watch with or without bracelets. Some people prefer to wear a watch alone and the bracelets on the opposite wrist, while other prefer to do a stacked looked with the watch and many bracelets.

Expert Jewelry Advice : Wearing Vintage Jewelry Rules

Are there any rules for wearing vintage jewelry?

Vintage jewelry is so fun because there really aren't any rules. Pick a fabulous vintage find finely crafted with diamonds, pearls, and/or gorgeous gemstones, be confident and rock it!

Expert Jewelry Advice : Cleaning Your Pearls

Is there a way I can clean all my pearls at home?

It is best to gently wipe pearls down with a very soft cloth after each wearing to prevent build-up. Mild soap and water on a soft cloth is safe for a more thorough cleaning. If the pearls are strung it is best not to submerge them and wait until the string is completely dry before wearing them. Also, try to avoid contact with cosmetics, hair spray or perfume. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

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