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Lladro Figurines: Expressions of Heart and Soul

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Lladro Nativity Collection

Our Price from: $150.00

Lladro "Nurse"

Our Price: $330.00

Lladro "Chihuahua"

Our Price: $130.00

Lladro "Today's Lesson"

Our Price: $360.00

Lladro "Angel Praying "

Our Price: $140.00

Lladro "A New Treasure"

Our Price: $225.00

Llardo "Everlasting Love"

Our Price: $490.00

Lladro "Endless Love"

Our Price: $270.00

Lladro "Lucky Owl"

Our Price: $210.00

Lladro "A Joyful Panda"

Our Price: $195.00

Lladro "A Moment's Rest"

Our Price: $195.00

Lladro "Curious Kittens"

Our Price: $445.00

Lladro "Spring"

Our Price: $325.00

Lladro "Surgeon"

Our Price: $675.00

Lladro "Cat Nap"

Our Price: $210.00

Lladro "Lucky Elephant"

Our Price: $240.00

We found 500 items for you


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Lladro Porcelain Figurines and Statues

A world of emotion, beauty and creativity awaits you in the world of Lladro figurines. Wouldn't you just love to get swept away on an inspiring sentimental journey to a place where aesthetics and dreams coexist? To find a venue where you can experience some of life's most touching moments over and over again? With the Ross-Simons collection of Lladro figurines, you have found your paradise.

Just look at the soft, pastel colors, fine shimmering glazes and the way the sculptors of Lladro figurines have painstakingly given impeccable attention to every detail — there you see the trademarks of Lladro figurines, created to pass down through generations.

Romantics at heart will love the bridal collection of Lladro figurines. Evoke some special memories of your baby's first steps or the moment your daughter walked down the aisle with beautiful, hand-made Lladro figurines. Inspirational moments are rendered in exquisite detail, from the passion of a tango to the elation of a graduation or the tenderness of a guardian angel. Just imagine your curio cabinet, gleaming with a selection of Lladro nature figurines, birds or flowers, or the glorious nativity styled from Lladro figurines on your mantle at Christmas.

Lladro figurines grace your home and your heart with a magical sense of wonder and delight, capturing the pivotal moments of life. As always, you will enjoy free shipping on all Lladro figurines. Come, experience our Ross-Simons Lladro figurine collection ...and celebrate moments to treasure forever.

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